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"Networking Solution Benefits"
Networking can save an organisation money by allowing multiple users at various sites to:
  • Share expensive laser printers or scanners
  • Access a common data base
  • Develop common programs on multiple computers across the office, county or country
  • Collaborate with associates across the street or around the world (e-mail)
  • Share files, peripherals, software
  • Access the internet from every desk

Simply put, a network is computers, printers, faxes and other electronic devices linked with cables so all the pieces can "talk" and work together. When your network is connected, your employees and your customers are too.

The Internet is the world's largest network. Invaluable as a research tool, it also enables you to send and receive e-mail to and from your colleagues and customers, as well as access the World Wide Web. All capabilities that allow small businesses to act like big ones.
Types of Network:- Which is right for you?
You have two types of network configurations to choose from peer-to-peer and client-server. Your choice depends on the number of nodes (PCs, printers and other devices) you want to connect and the types of software applications you work with. Either solution can be upgraded, as your networking needs change. Complete our network chooser form to help us to recommend what is best for your needs.

Peer-to-Peer network.
If you have five or less nodes to connect, you'll probably want a peer-to-peer network. In this configuration, a single string of computers are connected together. A central controlling device called a hub is a recommended option. Each computer is an equal or "peer" of the others, and can share files and peripherals connected to the network. While a peer-to-peer network is a low-cost, easy-to-install solution, it is not as efficient for sharing large and complex files, such as databases or graphics

Peer Networks
Client-Server network
If you have six or more nodes to connect, and work with large files like databases or information that is updated frequently, your best choice is a client-server network. The presence of a central computer, or server, in this configuration gives you several advantages. Because files are stored in a single location, they're easier to update, back up, and archive with dependable results. The server itself is typically a high-performance computer that ensures speedy data access and delivery, and gives your business the platform to add capabilities such as centralised accounting and inventory management software.
Server Networks
Enjoy big business benefits and savings, too.
According to a recent industry study, installing a network in your business can increase productivity by as much as 40%. This is based on three main factors.
  • Firstly you'll see a personal productivity increase. When your office is connected, so are your people. Each person has quicker, more convenient access to the resources they need. Being connected means there's no more waiting to print to a laser printer, passing floppy disks, or having to use someone else's machine to access a database. With each computer linked to the Internet, your staff can conduct research and exchange information-using e-mail not only with each other but also with key customers around the world.
  • Secondly a network cuts down your communication costs. Transferring information electronically can reduce paper, postage and courier fees. If you're linked to the Internet, your whole office can share a single Internet connection instead of paying for monthly individual accounts. You can also reduce your phone bills by deferring fax sending until the cheap rate hours.
  • Finally networking let's you save more money by enabling you to defer purchasing expensive items of equipment. You won't have to buy that extra printer or additional fax machine when it's so easy to share what you've already got.