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Computer Training

"Invest in your most important asset - your staff"

Training Having spent a lot of time money and effort investing in new IT equipment many companies simply forget to make the best use of it by training their staff how to operate it properly. Most errors are human and are caused by not understanding what is being done wrong. A few hours tuition will save hours of frustration and improve your staffs work out-put.

We offer a wide range of tuition courses delivered at your premises at very competitive rates. Like all the services we offer, we try to be as flexible as possible to meet the needs of our clients.

  • Experienced trainers.
  • Personal tuition.
  • Work at your own speed.
  • Adaptive courses to match your skills.
  • Value for money, intensive and work relevant.
  • Train at work don't lose time travelling.
  • All courses only 75 for a 2 hour session for one or two delegates.
  • Private tuition is available dependent on location.
  • Training is generally on a "one to one" basis. One trainer one student means you get our full attention and we can accurately assess your skill level and needs.
  • Maximum two delegates trained at a time for the same price.
  • Courses are held in two hour sessions. We recommend no more than two hours as course content is intensive, in our experience delegates struggle to retain what they have learnt in full or half day sessions.
  • Courses are run in your premises on your machines so that the environment you work in is familiar to you. Also you don't lose valuable staff members for days at a time by them being off the premises.
  • We offer standard courses in most business software but because of the personal service our trainers can adapt to suit the delegate. If you are competent in one area we will move on and teach you something new.