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Project Management
  • Database Solutions
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Hardware Setup

Tips and Tricks

"Productivity aids"
 Windows Shortcuts
Win key + EOpens an Explorer Window
Win key + ROpens the run dialgue command
Win key + PauseDisplays the System Properties dialogue
Win key + ROpens the run dialgue command
Win key + FOpens the Find all Files dialgue
Win key + Ctrl + FOpens the Find Computer dialgue
Win key + MMinimises all open windows
Win key + Shift + Mis the undo for Win Key + M
Closing Multiple WindowsThe taskbar now offers the same functionality as Explorer when it comes to selecting files. Just hold down the Ctrl key and click on each program or file that you want to close. Let go of the key and right click on any one of them and select Close
 Getting IP Information
 Goto the DOS Command prompt and type:-
ipconfig /all
 IE Shortcuts
F3 or Ctrl + ESearch
F4Address Bar History
F5 or Ctrl + RRefresh
F6Highlight Address Bar
F11Full Screen (toggle)
BackspaceBack, or up one level when using folders
Page Down or SpaceScrolls down, one page at a time
Page UpScrolls up, one page at a time
Ctrl + BBrings up the "Organize Favorites" dialog box
Ctrl + DAdd to Favorites
Ctrl + FFind
Ctrl + HHistory
Ctrl + IFavorites
Ctrl + L or Ctrl + OBrings up the "Open" dialog box
Ctrl + NNew Window
Ctrl + PBrings up the "Print" dialog box
Ctrl + SSaves the current page
Ctrl + F4 or Ctrl + WClose
Ctrl + Shift + TabMove backwards among frames
Ctrl + TabMove forwards among frames
Alt + Left ArrowBackward
Alt + Right ArrowForward
Alt + AOpens the Favorites menu
Alt + DJumps to the Address Bar
Shift + ClickHolding down Shift while clicking a link, will open it in a new window
Shift + F10Brings up the same menu as a right-click